About Us

FoldCode was incorporated in the year 2015, is a Chandigarh based e-Learning Product and Services Company with well-established operations in India and USA. We have a team who are not only core professionals, skilled and experienced but also have vast experience of beyond 10 years in the industry. We are the certified professionals who provide end-to-end solutions to educational institutions, colleges and specialized in e-Learning solution that combines award-winning products and industry-leading expertise. FoldCode is privileged to offer blended learning management through mobile learning and cloud-based LMS.

We are offering a wide range of Product based LMS software that completely focuses on providing e-Learning, customized content creation, instructional plan & design and other LMS solutions. As to create relevant strategic online courses, FoldCode is a leading provider of e-Learning services with a global presence across North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Our LMS software is exclusively custom-built wherein customer can customize according to their requirement. We have a huge clientele database that finds our projects to be cost-effective and strategic for their use and does not find the middle ground on the eminence of our projects. We work with SME’s (Subject Matter Experts), to ensure that SME’s enable us to acquire more knowledge on the field that we are working on.

FoldCode has more than two years’ of experience in delivering high-quality LMS and CMS to Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs), in higher educational markets. Our LMS have been recognized for its advanced option of customization and innovative mode of one-to-one teaching.


Among the major players in the virtual educational market, FoldCode is a complete e-Learning solution provider which has unique features that go far and wide. Innovation in product methods is vital to FoldCode's business values. It is a core strength that helps us identify emerging market trends, create new invention techniques, refine processes and improve service delivery.

The following key characteristics are one-of-a-kind that makes us a unique e-Learning Service Provider Company:

  • A customer-focused company emphasis on core values
  • Highly experienced team of professionals dedicated to different verticals
  • Separately allocated Account Managers
  • Vast improvement in productivity and output
  • Seamless user experience across e-Learning platform
  • 24/7 technical support available
  • Substantial cost-effective strategy
  • Customer-centric approach towards customers
  • High-quality in little turn-around time
  • Reasonable costing stay us ahead over our competitors

We have an expertise in offering exclusive LMS software that makes your e-Learning experience better than ever before. Most importantly, the client has the liberty to get the product customized according to their requirement and can manage it as per convenience.