Feature List of 4dots online class application

Easy to Host, Easy to Integrate

Its your choice either you can integrate this with your existing website or you can host it directly on your server and can be use as a complete independent website.

The minimum requirements you need are:
  • Domain name
  • Hosting space
  • Php 5+
  • MySql database

Our support team will do and will help to you in complete process

online class easy hosting

Complete Secure Login process integrated

This application is already integrated with most and best secure complete LOGIN process.

It includes all screens too. Like:

  • Login or SignIn screen
  • Registration or SignUp screen
  • Google reCaptcha
  • Reset or Forget password
  • Remember me for private, public computer

Technical detail:

  • The Login process is sha256 encryption based. Encrypted on 20digit random key with fix salt key. So You do not need to take pain to code by yourself.
  • It is BruteForce secure: It means if anybody try to hack your account- Then it will hang on for 300seconds. User can not login for 300 seconds(5 minutes), just like in our mobile. And this time is configurable- you can update it to any value.
  • To stop boats and automation scripts- we use Google reCaptcha on registration. Google reCaptcha is most know and secure was to detect who is registering. Google reCaptch replaced older version of captcha.
  • Reset Password or Forget password id token based, which delivered to user's email address with a link to reset his password. It is token based which has its own expiry time. If it is not used within time before it expires. Then it will not work.
  • Remember me functionality is useful when you work on shared computer. In that case you do not need to check the Remember me check box.
online class login register

Compatible To All Devices

After hosting on your server, the complete website will be responsive. It will run smooth on all devices either it desktop, laptop, tab, or mobile. This online class software is developed on twitter bootstrapped to make it completely responsive.

This feature even keeps you on top in perspective of users and even search engines. Search engine love those sites which are responsive.

online class

Online Class Scheduling, Single, Recurring, Perma

This web application supports all type of scheduling. You can create single online class, recurring online classes, Perma class with this.

About all:

  • Single Online class: This class will schedule for any particular date and time. You need to enter the class title, description(if any), Class duration(usually in range of 30 to 180 minutes)
  • Recurring Online Class: This is the collection of many classes. It will repeat on particular date and time as you decide. Recurring online class will be created at once.
  • Perma Online Class: This type of online class will never ends and so it is called as permanent class. Such classes can be used for Demo purposes.

Other details while creating online class:

  • Online Class Title : It is the mandatory. You need to choose the class title. Try to keep the class title relevant, which you will teach in the class.
  • Online Class Description : It is optional: You can enter the rest detail of the class in this field, if you feel required.
  • Online Class Duration : It is mandatory: This can be 30 minutes to 180 minutes usually. By default we kept it 60. You can edit this while creating the online class. The duration is usually allowed by API.
  • Online Class Time : It is mandatory: This is time when class will actually happen. At that time- all users will launch the class from their dashboard or class list page to enter in the Virtual Classroom.
  • Attendee Limit : It is mandatory: This is limit of attendees in your virtual classroom can enter. beyond this limit, the virtual classroom will not allow your attendees to enter in the class.
online class sceduling

Online Content Uploading

It supports content library. You can upload supported content in your content library and then you can use this content in your online class. The content will always be available for each and every online class till you remove them. You can manage your content library from here. The supported contents are the same which supported by API.

  • You can create folder for better management of your content
  • The supported files for your content library are:
Supported Files:
doc,docx (upto-20MB)
xls, xlsx (upto-20MB)
ppt, pptx, pps,ppsx (upto-20MB)
pdf (upto-20MB)
mp4, mov, avi, mpeg, wmv (upto-50MB)
wav, wma, mp3 (upto-50MB)

online class upload file

Online Teacher Add or Sync with your WizIQ account

You can manage your teachers under Teacher option. Here you can do:

  • Add Teacher
  • Edit Teacher
  • Can change permissions

How it works:

Initially the application detects that No- Teacher in your account. So the option Sync teachers from WizIQ Account you will get. In case, if you already added teachers to wiziq, then this option will help you to bring all added teachers on your website.

Extra Permissions on the website are also given. Permissions further divided like:

Once you sycn the teacher from wiziq, then you need to update-

  1. Teacher’s time-zone from integer to string from option available there.
  2. You need to do- map-now. In map-now – you will actually map this teacher with your existing member on your website. Logically everyone should be the user of your website. So you need to map this teacher with your existing user. So that application can understand which teacher is this.
  3. You can set permission of your teacher, by default all permission will be available- if teacher is active and can_schedule permission is on.

If you never added any teacher on wiziq- than you don’t not need to use [sync teachers with wiziq]- You just add the teacher from the option available. In this case- you will get the list of users of your website and you can choose from them to add as teacher. Once teacher added- you will get the confirmation message.

Later on you can Edit any Teacher which you want. Just you need to select Edit option corresponding to the teacher.

You can manage the permission of teachers. It is covered in permission section.

online class my teacher

Control Panel to handle all custom changes

Control Panel is available to the administrator. Fom here the full application/ website can be controlled. Even you can enable and disable this application too. We divide all settings in 5 categories, where you can controlled complete application.

  • Enable Software
  • Your Account Keys
  • Web Service Urls
  • Administrator Settings:
  • Virtual Classroom settings:
online class control panel

Class Invitation process integrated

The complete process for Class Invitation is already Integrated in it. After creating the class you can invite any students either he is on website or not. Administrator or teacher can invite students by student's email_address, or by picking the name from list, or also can invite a available group on website. Administrator can control the all invitation process from his control panel. Even admin can withdraw this permission from teachers.

  • Invite external user- non user of website
  • Invite existing students on your website
  • Invite available group of students

After sending the invitation- Students will be notify:

  • An External email to his email address like(abc@gmail.com, abc@yahoo.com). This email will contains all necessary information about the class with Join Class button. Clicking this button will redirect to your website. Then he will register or signup on your class, then student able to join that class
  • An Internal email to the student Inbox: Application is integrated with messaging box- where students will receive all classes invitations and messages
  • An alert and notification- will also be generate for the student. Student can see the alert notification in their header or on their dashboard

Student can do with the online class invitation:

  • Student can Accept the online class invitation
  • Student can Decline the online class invitation

On Accept online class invitation: A alert and notification will be delivered to teacher and administrator.
On Decline online class invitation: A student can select the reason of decline from the options available. and also can send the custom message to the teacher

online class invite students

Alert and Notification to users

Almost on every activity an alert will generates for the concerned users and Notify by an alert available in header and on dashboard.
The alert and notification can be like:

  • When administrator schedule the class for teacher- An alert and notification will be delivered to teacher
  • Teacher schedule or create the online class- admin will will notify by an alert
  • Teacher invite students for the online class- students and admin will be notifying
  • Teacher edit the online class- students and admin will be notifying
  • Teacher cancel the online class- students and admin will be notify
  • Teacher upload any content- admin will notifying
  • Administrator invite students for teacher's class- Teacher and student will notify
  • Administrator cancel or edit the teacher's online class- Teacher and student will notify
  • Student accept or reject online class invitation- Teacher and administrator will notify
  • Administrator change the permission of teacher- teacher will notify
online class alert and notification

Internal message Inbox integrated

This is the place in the application, where user can found all communications, class invitations and others. Internal message Inbox system designed like your mailbox. There you can find Inbox, Sent messages, Important messages, Class Invitations.

Whenever you receive any message in your inbox, you will get a count on your dashboard and in your header that new message are waiting your response.

online class inbox

Dashboard Panels for Admin, Teacher, Student

Usually their are three type of users. One is Administrator, Teacher, Students. So there is every has their own personal dashboard. Where user can see the related things to him.

  • Administrator's Dashboard: All website usage and statics are available on admin dashboard.
    • All online classes data on the platform status wise. Like how much classes are upcoming, done, cancel and expire
    • All online classes data distributed by teacher wise. Like which teacher takes how many classes status wise.
    • Top next 5 upcoming online classes with teacher name, online class title and time
    • Top recent 5 done online classes with teacher name, online class title and time
    • Other miscellaneous data like:
      • How many messages done so far
      • How many online class invitation sent
      • How many online class invitations accepted so far
      • How many online class invitation declined so far and many others too.
    It include total classes happened on the platform with teacher wise. Administrator can see all data on their dashboard
  • Teacher's Dashboard: Here all relevant data specific to that teacher only will be available here.
  • Student's Dashboard: Only relevant data to that student can see that student
online class admin dashboard

Permission Set for all user

Administrator can control the permission of users. Generally are for teachers. Either teacher can schedule the online classes or online content upload such permission can be controlled by the admin.

Permission at the end of API

  • Teacher can schedule an online class
  • Teacher is active or not

Permission in our application

  • Teacher can create online class
  • Teacher can edit online class
  • Teacher can delete online class
  • Teacher can invite the eternal users(not registered on webiste)
  • Teacher can invite any student or user from the site
  • Teacher can invite group of users for online class
  • Teacher can upload online content in content library
  • Teacher can delete the content from the content library

All these permissions can be controlled within the application. Administrator can control all these permission for each and every individual teacher separately. According to permission teacher can see and get the relevant information.

Administrator can also enable himself to schedule class on behalf of teacher. In this case admin will schedule the online class and teacher will get the alert and notification on their header, dashboard. In short admin can customize all actions of all teachers individually.

online class alert and notification

Activate and Deactivate User Account

This web based application gives you complete control over the available users on your website. You can Activate and Deactivate the user anytime. By deactivation- user will not be available to access his data. Even user will not be able to login to your website. To get back access you need to activate that user again.

In the application: We used terms Lock Users and Unlock users instead of Activate and Deactivate. Before doing any action- you will always see the users information against user's record to avoid accidentally lock and unlock.

Under the manage users you can perform all this.

online class manage users

Co-branding and White Labeling Completely

This web based application completely support white labeling and co-branding. It means after hosting this application on your server only your brand name will appear.

Like: Your Logo, Your brand name will be there only.
Even the online class will be launched on your website. So complete white-labeling and co-branding you will get.

online class in cobranding

Group and Manage Group Feature Enabled

This web based application support Group feature. By default this is disabled and administrator can enable it from control panel. After enabling it- The group feature can be used in application.

Administrator can do:

  • Create Group
  • Edit Group
  • Activate and Deactivate Group
  • Students and Teachers can be Added and Removed from the group

This feature is useful, when you want certain group of users can see only their data. And only can do activity in their group only.
Like: You created a group named as: Class V. And You enrolled teachers and students in it. Then only the teacher of this group can create online class for this group only. Teacher can not send class invitation to other students including your website or non-website users. Teacher will be restricted to this group only.

If you want to give this functionality like Teacher can invite any student by email address or by selecting the user of your website, then administrator can enable this setting from control panel. Then teacher can send online class invitation to anyone.

Their is no limit to create number of groups. You can create as many groups as you need. You can add remove users from the group at any time, from that time the removed user never gets any update like any online class invitation.

online class manage-group

Clean Online Class List

In the application the online class list shown in very well format. All online classes arranged as per their status wise with two way sorting. Upcoming online classes will display first in ascending order by [start date], so that you will get nearest upcoming online classes on top. Then you will see in the completed online classes in descending order by [start date], so that you will get recent upcoming class on top, then cancelled and expired.

We use color codes to display to get quickly status of that class. Like:


= Upcoming
= Completed
= Cancelled
= Expired
= Sync status required

* Status Sync Required means: Somehow the status of this class is expected to be other. So It prompt you to sync your such classes directly with WizIQ account. So that your complete class list will be remain in sync as it on WizIQ account.

Refresh list To bring all classes in sync, if you feel there are other classes which required status sync then use this. It can be heavy process in case of lots of data. So use this when you really required.

Below is the screen shot, You will get more idea about all actions avaliable for each class. The actions automatically switch and available on class status change. Each user either teacher and student will get their actions only- for which the permission is allowed to them.

Instant Searching: You can search anything in the available list of classes. It is will return and starts filtering the records as you starts type in search box.

online class alert and notification

Extended Application Teacher

(Premium Feature)

This is most demanded and awesome feature in the application. This feature allows you to add any number of teachers in the application. It breaks the API teacher limitation. Like you have 4 teacher 25 students API package. So by enabling this feature from the control panel you will be able to add n numbers of teachers in the application and can give the access and permission further.

extended application teacher

Paypal Integrated

(Premium Feature)

This online class application comes with Paypal integration. You can set the application paypal email address in the control panel to receive all done payments at single place in single account of application. You can make your feature's paid and start receiving payment.

integrated paypal online class application

System LookUp

System Lookup is the section in the application where you can manage your master database entries, which is used in the application, like subjects, levels of study etc. Further Manage Groups and Mange Users all moved here.

system lookup online class application

System Reports

System Report is the section, where you can see various reports of application. You can find like payment reports

system reports online class applicatio
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