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Why child need online tutoring?

Online Teaching is to help students or to guide them to become independent, successful learners. Tutoring is easily accessible at home, at a local or national tutoring center and through various online platforms.

Counselor Recommends Tutoring

Grades are dropping

Homework seems difficult

Extreme Anxiety before Tests

Resistance to schoolwork

Reluctance to Go to School

Power of One-on-One Sessions

Key Benefits of One to One Learning

Online teacher market place that yields flexibility to students to find best tutor on the platform and book online sessions with them. On Demand Tutoring custom e-learning solution allows you to find and request for online classes with registered tutors easily and conveniently.

Time and Location Flexibility

Personalized Attention

Interactive & Fun Learning

Progress at Own Pace

Improves Academic Performance

Increase Self Confidence

Freedom to Ask Questions

Hire Best Subject Expert

Easy Three Steps Make Learning Easier

One-to-one online tutoring software exclusively made to cater student’s needs. Both one-on-one personalized tutoring and one-to-many tutoring has various impacts on teaching methodology but that gives new shapes and user experience to the platform with HTML5 WebRTC virtual classroom.

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Online Tutor Marketplace

Online tutoring has been a valuable asset for those looking for an edge. And the investment is paying off for tutors, tutoring services and tutoring companies increasingly competitive. Online teaching platform allows teachers to apply, register and become online teacher to show of skills, expertise to get hired and earn more.

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Teaching beyond Boundaries

Integration HTML5 WebRTC Virtual Classroom

All online tutoring, on demand classes, on demand sessions, tutor marketplace or instructor marketplace have different engagement model. The mode of online class’s delivery would be hi-tech virtual classroom. Undoubtedly, Foldcode customize complex concepts of online training software in very simple and cost effective manner.

  • HD video conferencing
  • One-to-one online tutoring
  • Online group tutoring
  • Individual private tutoring
  • Live online class lessons
  • Replay pre-recorded lessons
  • Private/public chat option
  • Screen sharing within class
  • Import, upload & embed content
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Breakout rooms
  • Polling and surveys