BlezGo Low Fee Subscription

Simple and Transparent Pricing

A Completed White Labeled Inhouse Solution to create your branded elearning ecosystem
Online Virtual Classroom
5 Room 25 Attendees

  • +
    Inhouse Product
    • Host on your domain
    • 100% white labelled
    • Database ownership
    • Company Logo
    • Invoice Logo
    • Favicon
  • Implementation Included
  • Tech Support Included
  • +
    Unlimited Users
    • unlimited teachers
    • unlimited students
    • unlimited users
  • +
    Serch engine optimized
    • Google, Bing
  • +
    Payment Gateway
    • Integrated Paumoney, paypal, stripe
  • +
    SOS- Single Sign On
    • SignIn/SignUp through Facebook
    • SignIn/SignUp through Google Signin
    • Support many more- Twitter, Linked, Github etc
  • +
    Bulk Data Upload
    • Bulk User registeration
    • Batch Schedule bulk upload
  • +
    Great User Engagement
    • Build in Email Templates
    • Quick/Instant Notification (under 1 to 2mnt)
    • Integrated Internal Inbox
    • Manage Profile
    • Live Feeds of Public Activities
    • User Can post comment & reply
    • Social network supported
  • +
    Complete Courses Marketplace
    • Synchronus/ ASynchronus Courses
    • Paid / MOOC
    • Private / Public
    • Awesome course marketplace
    • Search course
    • Filter Course
    • See price in top currencies (like USD, INR, EURO)
    • See price in your currency
    • Analytics
    • Google Analytics
    • Control and Manage SEO
    • Course analytical report
    • Courses-Batch (Run course in multiple time slots)
    • Unlimited Batches under one courses
    • Different Prices of Batch under one courses
    • Assign Batch to different teachers
    • Collect Payment of course in its own gateway
    • Send Message to particluar Batch Students
    • Increase Seats at anytime
    • Set offer on Batch
    • Manager teacher permission on batch
    • Change Teacher on Batch
    • Create, Assign, Manage Discount
    • Set validity of Discount
  • +
    Do announcement
    • Schedule announcement
    • Attach file with announcement
    • Download file with annoucement
    • Convert your course activity in annoucment
  • +
    Track Progress
    • Batch Progress
    • Student Progress
    • Progress Visibilty
  • +
    Manage Offer and Discounts
    • Create Flat Discounted Coupons
    • Create %age Discounted Coupons
    • Set validity period
    • Set to be consumed count
  • +
    Built-in Invoice
    • Invoice with your logo and brand
    • Share Invoice
    • User can access unpaid Invoice
  • +
    Manage Content
    • File(video, doc, pdf, images, video,audio), Embed, iframe, Html- supported
    • Upload and Add Content
    • Add in Course
  • +
    Manage Roles and Permissions
    • Default Role- Admin, Teacher, Student
    • Create Role - assign permission
  • +
    Inbuilt Stock Images
    • Add, remove in your stock image gallery
    • Use these stock images anywhere
  • +
    Manage Masterdatabase
    • Manage your stock images
    • Manage your users- activate and deactivate
    • Manage your Language, Course categories, Levels, Subjects
    • Teacher can appeal on Rejection
  • Application Control Panel
Give definition to your elearning ecosystem with high customization, choices and support
Online Virtual Classroom
10 Room 50 Attendees

Include Startup Plan plus
  • +
    We Build Your Website
    • Site Index Page
    • Pricing and Plan Page
    • Product and Services
    • About Us
    • How it works
    • Contact Us
  • +
    Manage SEO of each Course
    • Site Index Page
    • Pricing and Plan Page
    • Product and Services
    • About Us
    • How it works
    • Contact Us
  • Custom Payment Gateway
  • Custom SSO
  • 24Ă—7 Live support
  • Onboarding and success manager
Give volume to your ecosystem in terms of more or less virtual classrooms, customization, support
Contact Sales
Online Virtual Classroom
Custom Rooms Custom Attendees

Contact Us for any custom requirement either small, medium or large

Why choose BlezGo Learning Management System?

  • It is more realistic
  • It is more flexible even give the option to decide and take decision at last movement
  • Deploy on site or on our cloud
  • High quality video conferencing
  • Best of breed mobile application
  • Designed for education, includes all the advanced features you need to teach online

BlezGo is built for professionals

We release a free update almost every month, packed with features based on our road map and customers feedback

Most Popular question?

  • How FoldCode differ from others?

    We provide every kind of solution right from scratch including consultation at every glitch that customer faces at no cost. FoldCode specializes in integrating whiteboard on our esteemed clients’ website that further enable them to deliver content, provide speedy response and assistance to students.

  • What is the exact understanding of Inhouse?

    The application will be hosted under your domain name with complete true white labeling. The product will go completely under your brand name including logo, favicon, organization detail, billing information, payment gateways etc.

  • Is there any user limit in the application?

    The application supports unlimited users (learners and instructors) that can be registered or invited in the application.

  • Can I pay through credit card or net banking for the product?

    Yes we have made the payment methods very easy. Once you finalize the product, you will receive the invoice and can pay through credit/ debit cards or by netbanking.

  • How can we increase more rooms and attendees for virtual classroom after purchasing?

    We are always open to welcome your queries and demands. You can simply write to us at about your requirement. And our sales team will get back to you and you just need to pay the gap amount only.

  • Can you provide any training of the product about its all internals?

    Yes! Our product expert will give complete training about the application like how it actually works and later you can utilize it efficently. Even in future, if you need more training, we will provide product demo as and when required.

  • Can you provide all product setup hosting on your server?

    Yes, we provide hosting on our server and this is the best way to start your application. We just need your domain name where you want to host it. We will map your domain with our hosting server and further, you can start using the application on your domain.

  • Can I host the product on multiple servers?

    No. To host with multiple servers you need to buy separate licenses. If you do this without licensing, it will be treated as licensing violation. Your subscription would be terminated and complete product will be stopped.

  • How can we migrate the application on different server?

    You just need to send an email to the technical team at or - the team will get in touch with you and collectively it will be done. Hence, we completely support to migrate the application on different server.

  • Can I go with my virtual classroom?

    Yes, you can also go with your virtual classroom. If it is not included in our list then our team will integrate custom virtual classroom on your site. The time and integration development end date will be workout by time and team will provide you on the time.

  • Will I receive the product updates in future?

    Our technical team will take care of it. They will coordinate with you, plan and fix the downtime if required. Our team will ensure that everything goes smooth as it is designed for.

  • What if we do not renew the product next year?

    All your data will be safe and secured on the application either it is under valid licensing or expired licensing. For unauthorized product licencing, we neither take any guarantee nor we recommend to use such softwares. After the plan gets expired, the product will go into limited access mode and support will not be provided by us but your data will remain safe. In future, you can renew your licncening by contacting us at

  • Is our database protected on your server and only belongs to me?

    Yes. It is purely protected and strictly belongs to you only. You are a king of your data.