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  • Samol Paul

    Discovering foldcode was like a breath of fresh air, Fast turnaround is crucial to stay ahead of the competition. When it comes to doing an excellent job, fast, I know I can count on foldcode. Teaming up with them is one of the smartest moves I've ever done."

    Samol Paul· akoyasoft
  • Henry Richard

    We mostly do our work with Free Lancer on bid basis. At earlier we just want to see, how foldcode actually work in FREE. So we decide to submit a job, in which we are facing some integration and maintenance problem. In next couple of days they did our work without any dollar. Now foldcode's team working on our application. Great initiative !

    Henry Richard· Project Manager
  • Biyu Liu

    I have been very impressed with your friendliness and responsiveness, even I love to explore this website on different devices. I would go so far as to say you set a benchmark in IT that other companies could learn a lot from.

    Biyu Liu· Moodle user
  • Vipin

    If you are expecting quality at reasonable rate. Then Believe me foldcode would be your destination. They are just superb. Our total cost is reduced upto half now. We highly recommend foldcode.

    Vipin Bandhwa· Wordpress Developer

What type of work/ task can be in this service

Almost all type of work, which is specially related to Information Technology is covered in this. Some top examples are given below.

  • Project related tasks
    • Effort estimation: Our Experts calculate the size of your project (like website, mobile app etc..) in unit (hours) for you
    • Project Plan: Our Expert prepare a first level project plan of your project.
    • Design Database: We design your Database for your project

  • Search Engine Optimization related
    • Optimizing website for page speed
    • Converting websites into responsive website to avoid google penalty.
    • Installtion issues of Moodle, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal

  • e-Learning related task
    • Moodle Installation
    • Moodle Integration with most stable Virtual Classroom
    • Moodle Backup and update to newer version
    • Custom LMS
  • CMS / LMS Installation
    • Installation/uninstallation of plugins/ blocks
    • Hosting server configuration & issues fixing
    • Roles & privileges setting,changes
    • Troubleshooting existing issues
    • Upgradation/migration to same or new server
    • Applying security patches
    • Training / consultation
    • Creating / editing pages
    • On demand website backup & restoration
    • Website uptime and downtime monitoring
    • Routine maintenance
    • Creating / customizing plugin
    • Installations: Moodle, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc
    • Installtion issues of Moodle, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal
    • Installtion issues of Moodle, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal

For more information about our services, please feel free to contact us via:

Fast response within 24 hours max -and that's a promise.

Recently we served to our users at NO COST:

Below are the top 15 items:

  • Website hosting on the server
  • Cost and Size Estimate of Website Development
  • Magento, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Moodle, efront many more CMSs & LMSs Installation
  • Search Engine optimization of website
  • Mobile Application like Flipkart Development estimations and costing
  • Project plan of own LMS
  • Moodle's Integration with WizIQ Api for white labeling
  • WordPress sites setup on server
  • WizIQ scheduling API integration with existing Website
  • Moodle Installation on the servers
  • Moodle/ Wordpress Plugin Installation issue
  • Joomla/ extension Installation issue
  • API Integration Problem
  • Social network follow issue

How does the foldcode fc-nps service work!

As we know- No one become poor by giving.

So this service giving results amazing to our user and ofcourse to foldcode. Our purpose is to open a FREE Channel for everyone where anyone can get a team in free, and that team will do the JOB for users.

foldcode do- like : '
  • stuck somewhere in implementation/ facing some bug/ challenges in your application.
  • or user got frustrated from bidding process to get his/ her job done.
  • or user wants to see the price quotation of his project.
  • or want to get the size of project
  • or want to discuss any idea in which he/she believe having the potential can change the life and the world
  • or want to know some facts about any industry before executing your idea like e-commerce, mobile app, e-Learning industry etc.
This service works on very basic principle i.e CONTRIBUTION. Here we contribute- by helping our users 365 x 24 x 7. To use this service- You just need to Sign up on foldcode. Then you can ask anything by just submitting your Query/ Job/ Project from
  • your dashboard
  • our contact us form
  • an email to from by only your registered email address with

Your submitted task will be converted into JOB in couple of hours and you can see the progress of that on your foldcode's dashboard. The team working in this service - get the feed from his HAPPY users. Yes, here our users contribute in the form of Donation and also get 20% from the leads generated by this service for other team.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Account sign up registration at foldcode is required to use this service (fc-nps).
There is no limit. You can go upto any number, but we will suggest you keep the flow in control, as no one have unlimited resources and time.
Yes, this is totally free. We will not charge a single bug from you. However to survive this unit- it will get feed in two ways -
  • Get Donation from our happy user/clients/customers.
  • As this service generate leads for other paid service. So it will directly get 20% of those leads.
Yes it is 100% safe, We are using world class payment gateway PAYPAL. While doing payment - we redirect you to on paypal site, and nothing we keep with us.
You can post or submit your job in many ways:
  • After registration- You will option on dashboard.
  • You can post/ submit through your registered email address with us.
  • You can use our [Contact us] form.
  • You can ask over phone or skype.
Yes, Your any type of credential is 100% secure with us. For extra security you can do one thing , once job/ task done- you can change your credential.
Here, at foldcode, we offer a great, 10% of each affiliation till member exist with us. for each seller.

Contact Us

We believes communication between customer and company is the key success factor for any business relationship. For further information or If you want to make any inquiry or you want any clarification regarding our services, products and any other issue related to foldcode, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Question, comment or concern? Our contact form is the best way to get in touch with someone at foldcode.

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