Make your Site Ready with Top Web Development Trends in 2019

The trends in the web world changes over time and to become instantly accustomed to these changes are crucial nowadays as to maintain the pace to run the business. The website is the one single platform that continues to provide customers’ the sort of information they seek which reflects your brand’s image as well.

Do you know how fast the tech world is revolving? As of January 2019, over 1.94 billion websites made their presence on the internet. That shows people are more active towards website creation and the need for web development companies are also rising rapidly. The year 2019 is right here and promises to broadcast fresh ideas, innovative opportunities that emerge with the ever-changing world of web development.

Although, we haven’t imagined this era of strong web world ethics like two decades ago, but see how fast the trends are emergingin terms of functionality, sustainability, web design, and development. These trends guide us to enhance the possible changes to implement in the web world.

Let us take a quick round of front end web development trends that sustained in 2019!

1. JavaScript

JavaScriptis definitely the voice of the last few years but still shows no signs of slowing down in 2019 and in the future. The language is still popular and evolving among web development businesses that promise to behold the domain. The web developers use the best of the language to create flexibility, and power in frameworks and backend coding libraries.

2. Chatbots LMS

The use of chatbots is the trending fashion prevailing in the market from the last few years. Most of the businesses have opted robotic machines called ‘chatbots’ that greets and address the queries of the first-time user arriving on the website.
The era of chatbots has transformed the businesses completely which is based on Artificial Intelligence. Without a doubt, most of the interactions on the website have taken over by chatbots which have reduced the human efforts and intervention. In short, humans (customers) are interacting with the robots and this is the most prevalent web development base trending on all the sites.


Oracle surveyed that by the year 2020, 80% of companies want to adopt chatbots as their primary mode of communication on the website.

3. Single Page Application (SPA)

These days, the most opted trend by businesses is to develop a single page application that allows the entire content in a one-long page, that user can scroll in one go and chances of chaos on the siteare pretty less. When users find most of the relevant content on the single page itselfand decreases interruptions during page loadingand boost-up extra performance of the site.

Well, SPA works perfectly on all devices that reflect higher performance while a decrease in the web development time. The whole concept of SPA is based on JavaScript and the process of development is based on the Angular and React frameworks.

4. Mobile friendly sites

There are sites which are friendlier on smartphones but leaving less imperative effects for users browsing through the web. But, the trending to deliver smooth user experience, companies are making superb digital strategies which could help to make the web experience just like that of a smartphone.

The idea is to boost the website loading performance on the mobile, whichwould be taking less time to load in mobile phones because these days’ people prefer searching every little thing through smartphones.

Mobile screens are smaller compared to web browsing; hence, web development companies are putting extra efforts to make the mobile experience super smarter and faster.

According to the below report, there were 299.24 million smartphone users in 2017 and the estimate is expected to reach 442.5 million by 2022 worldwide. Now, you can imagine the size of smartphone users globally.

5. Progressive Web App (PWA)

PWA is the trend that’s ruling the web prominently without fail. This particular PWA stays ahead in comparison to mobile apps because it boosts site performance; enhance the power to fast page loading, gives an app-alike feeling, with a better conversion rate.

According to a report by Medium Corporation, with implementing PWA’s conversion rates from the page figures at 27%, increase in per session page views comes at 35%, the visitor return rate is 13%, and bounce rate reduced to 9%.


With the arrival of Progressive Web App, the world of web app development looks promising wherein users can get the look & feel of an app while actually using it in the web browser. Isn’t that sounding interesting?

6. Voice Assistant Integration

Do you know how voice search assistants have changed our lives completely? The trend of voice command over typing has drastically increased in a couple of years. Be it a site or smartphone, people prefer to give the instruction through voice without making efforts to type a single word.

In one of the predictions by Gartner revealed in April 2015, that 30% technology-based conversation would take place through smart machines by the end of 2018, mainly through voice app recognition.

It’s time to Kick Start your Business with Web Development Trends

Does your business need to adapt to the latest web development trend – YES Will PHP developers are your first source to develop the site – YES!Do you need to spend lots of money to develop the backend site – NO!

These are the web development trends that are ruling the industry and building up to latest designtrends, frameworks are doing a great job along with other satisfying mobile and web app developments that are delivering as per the market demands and expectations thereof.

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